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Peace Group Ltd. is one of the Rising Real Estate developers and the transformer of tourism sector in Bangladesh.

Peace Group is not only an organization but also an organization to help and develop the economy of our country. Peace group has just started its journey and the vision is to own the top most position in near future. The vision is to share with everyone associated with the organization locally and internationally.

In this era where competition has reached to its highest peak, here Peace Group believes in peace and therefore follows the way of Islam, loves to work for country and its people, ensures nothing is haram in this organization.

Peace Group introduced the Sharia Compliant Concept in Bangladesh, this became very attractive among Middle East so fast. The Sharia concept is adopted from Islam, which is believed to be the peaceful path!

A team of high professionals are working  together to help reach the companies vision considering the social values and norms. The city and its citizen are equally valued to live in a healthy society and therefore Peace Group experts are working very rigidly without any obligation maintaining the proper quality along with the quantity.

We pray and hope that Peace Group will soon meet its goal and will gift a beautiful society to the citizens of this country. The success story of Peace Group is yet to be rational, innovating new technologies, quality and sophisticated lifestyle. Therefore continuing with all the efforts and expedition to reach a beautiful destiny. We believe, after every success story there is hard work and nothing can bet that.

May Allah Falls his Blessings upon us Ameen.

Office Address
Miqat Recruiting.
54/B, Inner Circular VIP Road,
Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217.
Phone : +88-02-9331945
Email : miqattrvl@gmail.com
Web : www.miqatbd.com