Miqat Air International
Thursday October 18 , 2018 AT 10:03 AM
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Our Mission

Our mission is to generate a top class development company, assembling a team of professionals fulfilling the highest standards of our mission satisfying our honorable consumers to get the best outcome with excellence. We believe we are not just developers, we are society builders. Our core mission is:

  • To build up a relationship with customers of loyalty and trust.
  • To maintain the Islamic Sharia in proper manner.
  • To be recognized globally with competitive standard.
  • To maintain the quality along with the affordable cost for all.
  • To innovate the plans day by day as per customer need to help.
  • To work together to provide the best value with assured Peace Group mark of quality.
Office Address
Miqat Recruiting.
54/B, Inner Circular VIP Road,
Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217.
Phone : +88-02-9331945
Email : miqattrvl@gmail.com
Web : www.miqatbd.com